Skills and employability

Caring responsibilities

Balancing learning or working with caring for someone is a challenging juggling act that many people face.  

Whether you are caring for a child, an elderly family member, or someone with special needs, we can help.

There are lots of benefits to accessing education, training and work that fits around your life.   

How our advisors can help

If you’d like to access new opportunities but are unsure where to start, our team and partners can help: 

  • You can talk to us about what you’d like to achieve and identify opportunities that might work for you.
  • Flexible learning, work and training arrangements can make a huge difference. We can help you to find part-time or flexible options.
  • Many people that care for children or adults developed useful skills. These can include good time management, empathy and problem-solving abilities. These are traits that local employers value. We can help you with CVs, interviews and job applications to showcase your skills.
  • Our team can help you to create space to support your wellbeing. They can give you time to focus on exploring your options, ambitions and what you'd like to do is important.
  • We can share up-to-date information about programs and financial assistance that is available to parents and caregivers.  

Extra support for families

Barnsley's Virtual Family Hub provides confidential advice for the whole family. They can help with:


GOV.UK has information to help with: 


Extra support for carers

Barnsley's Adult Social Care team provide information and support for carers. They can help with: 

GOV.UK has information to help with: