Skills and employability

Health conditions and disabilities

Finding learning and work that suits you can be difficult. It can be even harder for people with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses or mental health conditions.  

We can work with you to look at what's right for you and see what options are on offer. 

How our advisors can help 

Our team and partners can help you to find learning, training or work that suits you. We can:  

  • Help you to find options that can work around your health needs. This includes learning, training or to volunteer.  These can improve your chances of getting a job and grow your confidence. 
  • Explore options that fit your skills and interests. 
  • Give advice on how and when to disclose your health condition to potential employers. 
  • Connect you with employers who are disability confident.  
  • Help employers to understand how adjustments can make the workplace more accessible and supportive. 
  • Share health specific employment support programmes and services that could support you during the process.  

Extra support 

GOV.UK has information to help with: