Skills and employability

Young people can aim high and excel

Barnsley’s future generations should be able to fulfil their learning potential and benefit from education, training and work.

Through partnership working, we’re making sure young people can feel inspired by the possibilities in Barnsley and begin working life with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed.

Getting young people the best start in working life

By collaborating with schools and colleges in the borough, children and young people receive the best possible careers advice.

The Barnsley Music Education Hub also works with schools to support young learners to develop their skills, talent and creativity.

As well as schools and partners, we work with businesses so they can create opportunities and inspire young people to the world of work.

Making it possible

It’s important that nobody is left behind, regardless of their background or starting point. When people need extra support, we provide targeted support for people up to the age of 24. Our advisors help people to overcome challenges they face with education, training or employment. This includes developing support networks and discovering opportunities to give individuals a boost.

How to contact us

If you're aged 20 or over and not in education, employment or training (NEET)

If you have an education, health and care plan (EHCP), are care-experienced, are aged 16 to 19 and NEET, or work with the youth offending service

Our targeted information, advice and guidance (TIAG) team can help if you're:

  • aged 13 to 24 and have an education, health and care plan (EHCP)
  • aged 13 to 24 and are in care, or are a care leaver
  • aged 16 to 19 and not in education, employment or training (NEET)
  • aged 16 to 18 and working with the youth offending service

How to get in touch:

Other support

If the support listed above isn’t suited to you, your school, academy, advanced learning centre or further education provider has a duty to provide careers guidance to their learners. See your education provider for details.

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Hear from people we've helped

Skye’s story

Skye Stokes, a student at Barnsley Music Service, has achieved a Grade 8 Award distinction (the equivalent of an A-Level pass) in the baritone at just 12 years old. 

Since first picking up a musical instrument while at Greenfield Primary School, Skye’s grown as a musician and a young person.

Skye said, "Playing an instrument has given me a huge boost in confidence and important skills for learning and studying. It's simply the best fun and so rewarding."

Skye's with baritone

Wyatt’s story

Wyatt loves to learn, but living with Tourette's syndrome means it can be challenging to enjoy reading books.

After talking with an information, advice and guidance advisor from our employment and skills team, we discovered that an audio pen would help Wyatt fulfil his learning potential and open new opportunities for learning in the future.

Wyatt enjoys developing his skills, talent and creativity, and the new audio pen has reignited his love for reading and unlocked his enthusiasm to learn.

Wyatt with a book and audio pen

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