Road safety schemes

As a member of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, we work tirelessly with agencies such as the local police and fire service, to make our roads safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, and to reduce the number of people killed or injured on the borough's roads.

We also work with local schools to promote road safety, through training, activities and resources, to help children and young people develop their road safety awareness.

Our school crossing patrols also play an important role in helping to keep our roads safe.

Making our roads safer

We review the whole of our road network annually, carrying out road safety audits and analysing road traffic collisions that result in personal injury, so that we can take steps to reduce and prevent similar collisions.

Where we identify a safety concern, based on evidence of personal injury collisions, we can introduce measures, such as the following, to improve road safety and the flow of traffic:

  • yellow lines
  • traffic lights and pedestrian crossings
  • school crossing patrols
  • cycle lanes 

Before we do, we'll carry out an assessment of the road network in the area to make sure that any improvements we're proposing in one area won't have a detrimental effect in another, by moving the safety concern or causing a build-up of traffic elsewhere.

We carry out any improvements on a 'worst first' basis, subject to the availability of finance.

Some of the measures we introduce require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). This is a lengthy legal procedure, involving consultation with the police and other emergency services, councillors, and people who live in the local area.