Report road spillages and debris

Spillages on the road, such as oil, diesel, gravel, sand or dropped cargo, can lead to traffic accidents. 

If you see a spillage that could be hazardous for drivers, or you've been involved in a commercial spillage, please call our 24 hour emergency line on (01226) 773555 to report it.

We'll clean up the spillage as soon as we can. If it's a chemical spill, we'll test it to find out what the substance is first, to make sure we handle and transport it properly. 

We can ask the police and Highways England to close a road if it’s a major hazard.

Spillages that we're not responsible for clearing

Where oil, diesel or petrol's been spilled following a road traffic accident, call the police on 101.

For spillages on motorways, call highways England on 0300 123 5000.

For spillages in gardens or land attached to someone's home, or for those on land attached to a shop, pub, factory, or other commercial building, contact the homeowner or landowner.