Visit Barnsley

Why not promote your business in Barnsley town centre or at one of our surrounding districts, Wombwell or Penistone?

We've got a great range of promotional pitches in and around the retail core. They're all within high footfall areas. 

Our town centre team is on-hand to help you decide which space would be more suitable for your activities and target audience.

Download our guide to promoting your business in Barnsley town centre. This include details of fees and pitch locations.

Promotional event space uses

Our spaces are suitable for the following events:

  • Company product promotion
  • Art/culture events
  • Food/drink promotions (samples sip or bite size)
  • Charity events
  • Market research
  • Leafleting
  • Advertising

How to book

You can contact us first to check availability and discuss your needs before making a booking. Please email us at

You can request to book by filling in our online form. You need to upload a copy of your public liability insurance. You can also upload any other documents we may have asked for.

We might ask you for more information, such as a risk assessment if your event is large or complex.

When we accept your booking we'll issue you with a formal written consent and permit. We'll also send you a copy of our conditions of use.

Things to think about

  • The weather - all our pitches are outside and uncovered.
  • Access - being located in and around the main high street, some of our sites are not accessible to vehicles. They may also have restrictions on when you can come and go.
  • Being a good neighbour - we ask that you keep any noise to an acceptable level.
  • Power - this is not available at any of our pitches. The use of generators will need permission from us before booking.

Conditions of use and cancellations

You'll need to comply with the council's equal opportunities and health and safety policies.

For full details terms about cancelling, please read our conditions of use.

Buskers and street performers

We welcome activity which enhances the experience and atmosphere of our high streets.

Buskers and street artists do not need a licence to perform in the Barnsley borough, unless you're performing for a charity.

You must follow our code of conduct to consider the needs of others nearby.

Code of conduct

  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to busk. We recommend young people under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult.
  • Specific area zones are allocated for busking. This is except for when pre-booked events/activities are taking place. The following areas will permit one busker per zone. We recommend of a 100m gap between performers.

    • Zone 1 – Cheapside
    • Zone 2 – Queen Street
    • Zone 3 – May Day Green
    • Zone 4 – Peel Square
    • Zone 5 – Market Street
    • Zone 6 – Albert Street
  • When choosing your pitch, please avoid blocking access to shops, offices, residences and fire escapes. You also need to avoid other amenities, such as cash machines and phone boxes.

  • Please be respectful to street traders including The Big Issue vendors. We recommend at least a 20m gap.

  • You're responsible for making sure your presence doesn't cause an obstruction of the highway. This includes the gathering of crowds. You also must prevent any trip hazards from your equipment. This includes the placing of donation hats or buckets.

  • We ask that you don't perform for longer than three hours from the same location. This is to respect residents, workers and other users of our high streets.

  • Amplification is not encouraged as it often generates several complaints. We ask that noise levels  kept at a reasonable level. This will avoid being asked to lower the volume or stop performing.

  • You should have a varied repertoire so as not to cause undue nuisance to residents, retailers or any other users. Make sure your performances aren't delivered in a manner that's dangerous to yourself or anyone else.

  • Barnsley is a family friendly borough. Your actions, appearance, dress, lyrics, script or props must not be of a nature that could cause offence or alarm to other users of our high streets.

  • We know members of the public may wish to contribute for enjoyable performances. You must not actively solicit monetary contributions. This includes signs or the passing around of a hat.

  • Care must be taken in protecting your own equipment and/or any contributions gained.

  • You must comply immediately to any request made by the Town Centre Wardens, South Yorkshire Police or any officer of Barnsley Council. This may involve lowering the volume, moving locations, or even cease performing altogether.

Download a copy of our code of conduct.

Report a problem

If you have a problem with a busker or street performer, please speak to them to try and resolve this. If the problem continues, please contact us.

For more information

For any enquiries, or if you're a large group who want to hire a dedicated event space, please contact us.

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