Becoming a British citizen

All applications for British citizenship are handled by the Home Office.

Email: Home Office Enquiries

Apply to become a British citizen

You can apply to become a British citizen at GOV.UK. They'll confirm your application within four weeks.

As part of your application, you have to go through a ‘Life in the UK’ test to demonstrate your competence in the English language and your knowledge of life in the UK. Book your ‘Life in the UK' test

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to a citizenship ceremony.

Citizenship ceremonies in Barnsley are held approximately every six weeks.

The ceremony is conducted by the Barnsley registration services and attended by the Mayor of Barnsley.

There is a ceremony fee of £80.

Changes due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

We're cancelling all citizenship ceremonies until further notice. We'll contact you if you were due to attend the next ceremony on 7 April. 

The Home Office notify us of any new arrivals into the UK who have successfully applied for British Citizenship. We'll contact you to arrange a visit to the Register Office, but can't offer a full ceremony at this time.

What happens at the ceremony

The citizenship ceremony is the final step before becoming a British citizen and has proved to be a popular celebration with those taking part.

Attendance at citizenship ceremonies is by invitation only.

The ceremony takes about 30 minutes during which time you’ll make the oath of allegiance to the Queen and vow to respect the United Kingdom's rights and freedoms. You may swear or affirm the oath depending upon your personal wishes and religious beliefs.

The Mayor of Barnsley will present you with your certificate and a local photographer will take a photograph of you with the mayor. This complimentary photograph will be available from the register office seven to 10 days after the ceremony. If you want to take personal photographs, you can do so after the ceremony.

You’ll also receive a welcome/information pack, which includes details of how to apply for a British passport.

The ceremony ends with the playing of the national anthem and refreshments are served.

If you’re unable to attend the ceremony

You have to attend a citizenship ceremony within three months of being granted citizenship. If you can’t attend the planned ceremony, please contact the citizenship officer at Barnsley Registration Service.