Local government elections - 7 May 2015

Results of the local government elections held on Thursday 7 May 2015. Turnout for the borough 56.2%

Central ward

Candidate Party Votes
Buckley, Paul Edward Conservative 701
Dean, Tom Young People's Party 124
Dyson, Martin Craig Labour 2,557 Elected   
Gibson, Dave                                Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 423
Porter, Colin English Democrats – 'Putting England First' 480

Cudworth ward

Candidate Party Votes
Beckett, Michael John Ashley    UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,042
Devoy, Tony A voice for the region 204
Dyson, Ralph Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 87
Hill, George Conservative 367
Wraith, Charlie Labour 2,718 Elected

Darfield ward

Candidate Party Votes
Burnett, David                               English Democrats – 'Putting England First' 183
Parkin-Coates, Dorothy       Labour 2317 Elected    
Smith, Trevor UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1372
Weldon, Delia Mary Conservative 596

Darton East ward

Candidate Party Votes
Love, Sharon                                Barnsley Independent Group 800
Miller, Patrick Roy      Labour 2,556 Elected   
Ogden, Lee Conservative 1,020
Sutton, Sharon English Democrats – 'Putting England First' 367
Teal, Robert Eric Liberal Democrats 332

Darton West ward

Candidate Party Votes
Burgess, Linda Mary        Labour 3,078 Elected
Sutton, Ian David Charles English Democrats – 'Putting England First' 855
Watkinson, Clive Conservative 1,313

Dearne North ward

Candidate Party Votes
Gardiner, Alan          Labour 2,668 Elected   
Swiffen, Robert Graham UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,112
Toon, Mike Conservative 284

Dearne South ward

Candidate Party Votes
Cowgill, Cicely Anne     Conservative   751
Sixsmith, Ralph Labour                                  3,903 Elected 

Dodworth ward

Candidate Party Votes
Denton, Oliver James York       Conservative 1,054
Green, Robert Welton     Barnsley Independent Group 1772
Keane, Michael Anthony   408
Riggs, Richard Mark Labour                 2,028 Elected

Hoyland Milton ward

Candidate Party Votes
Davies, Michael James  Barnsley Independent Group 403
Holliday, Louise Marie              UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,282
Saxton, Justin English Democrats – 'Putting England First' 101
Shepherd, Tim Labour 2,554 Elected
Waller, Angela Ruth Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 374
Watkinson, Lesley Anne Conservative 620

Kingstone ward

Candidate Party Votes
Burkinshaw, Steven John Conservative 425
Holland, Tracey-Ann     Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 166 
Houston, Christopher UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,105
Scarfe, Chris Green 302
Williams, Kevin George Labour 2,005 Elected

Monk Bretton ward

Candidate Party Votes
Ingram, Julie Christine Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 709
Ogle, Michael Thomas Conservative 771
Sheard, Margaret                  Labour 2,893 Elected 

North East ward

Candidate Party Votes
Devoy, Eddie                             A voice for the region 306
Hampson, Allan    Labour 2,912 Elected
Haynes, Anne Frances    Conservative 566
Johnson, Jim UK Independence Party (UKIP)             447
Makinson, Peter Leslie Independent 2,005
McQueen, Jimmy   140

Old Town ward

Candidate Party Votes
Cherryholme, Anita  Labour 2,499 Elected
Mageean, Estelle Marie   Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 259
Millner, Gillian Ruth Conservative 712                   
Sowerby, Louise Jane Barnsley Independent Group 1,507

Penistone East ward

Candidate Party Votes
Hand-Davis, Paul Francis Conservative                         3,647 Elected
Raynor, Kate Helen Green   949
Webster, Dave Labour   1,952

Penistone West ward

Candidate Party Votes
Chadburn, Wayne Robert A voice for the region  328
Hayler, Jill Labour Party  2,023
Millner, Andrew Robert The Conservative Party Candidate  2,385 Elected
Webber, Steve Independent  600
Wood, David Arthur UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,126

Rockingham ward

Candidate Party Votes
Fletcher, Karen Jane Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  135
Lamb, Chris Labour Party  2,845 Elected
Riddiough, Kevin David English Democrats – "Putting England First!"  192
Toon, Debbie The Conservative Party Candidate  619
Winks, Lynn Theresa UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,289

Royston ward

Candidate Party Votes
Benoit, Aiden Ian UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,216
Clements, Malcolm John Labour Party  2,422 Elected
Gouthwaite, Eddie Independent  361
Richardson, Nichola Jayne The Conservative Party Candidate  615

St Helen's ward

Candidate Party Votes
Campbell, Jan Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  281
Hill, Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate  375
Platts, Jenny Labour Party  2,701 Elected
Walker, Dean Peter English Democrats – "Putting England First!"  423

Stairfoot ward

Candidate Party Votes
Dyson, Karen Elizabeth Labour Party  2,673 Elected
Hogg, Paul UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1376
Needham, Garry Bradley The Conservative Party Candidate  562

Wombwell ward

Candidate Party Votes
Hunt, Sarah Barnsley Independent Group  378
Kerr, Wayne UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,165
Wilkinson, Alex The Conservative Party Candidate  575
Wraith, Dick Labour Party  2,760 Elected

Worsbrough ward

Candidate Party Votes
Levitt, Raymond Barnsley Independent Group  1,096
Murray, Peter John The Conservative Party Candidate  386
Pourali, Roya Labour Party  1,769 Elected
Scothorn, Stephanie UK Independence Party (UKIP)  910