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Football is a massive part of how many people are active in Barnsley. As well as being fun it's also really good for you. There's lots of different types of football that you can play or get involved with.

Football can reduce your risk of certain chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

The combination of running, walking, sprinting and kicking can:

  • increase stamina
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • reduce body fat
  • improve muscle strength and tone
  • increase bone strength
  • Improve coordination
  • have a positive impact on your mental health
Game of football on a field

Clubs and Teams

We have lots of football in Barnsley and there's plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved.

There's a range of teams for all ages.

You can find the perfect club or team for you by visiting the Sheffield and Hallamshire FA website.


Men after walking football

Walking Football

If you would prefer a slower version of the game, then joining your local walking football group may be the answer.

You can find details of men's, women's and mixed walking football groups below:

Children at football training

Children's Football

There's never been a more exciting time to get into children's football in Barnsley.

Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA support an incredible grassroots community of leagues, clubs, coaches, volunteers and parents to provide a safe and fun environment for young people to play football.

Find out more about children's football

Places to play

There's plenty of places to play football in Barnsley. There's great facilities are some of our sports centres and secondary schools as well as pitches owned by the council.




Sports centres

Secondary School sites

We have nine Secondary Schools in Barnsley and many of them football facilities available for the community to hire. You can find your local secondary school below:  

Council owned pitches

Find out about council owned football pitches in Barnsley.


You can also find football facilities in Barnsley on the Pitch Finder website.