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Get involved

The What's Your Move campaign is all about helping each other to find our move and be more active for all the physical, mental and social benefits. The campaign is for everyone in Barnsley, so it’s your chance to get involved in any way you want to.  

Connect with us on social media 

Use the power of social media to help spread the message to people you know. Follow the Whats Your Move X page, or like the What's Your Move Facebook page.

Share your move and together we can show everyone how people in Barnsley are being active. #WhatsYourMove and #ActiveinBarnsley.

Become a What's your Move Champion

Do you help other people find their move and get active?

Can you help us to encourage more people in Barnsley to be more active?

Then we want to hear from you! 

Contact us by sending us an email to sportandactiverecreation@barnsley.gov.uk.

Set up your own move, activity or group

Are you interested in setting up your own activity with a group of people or your friends? If you need support then send us an email to sportandactiverecreation@barnsley.gov.uk or send us a message on the Whats Your Move X page, or the What's Your Move Facebook page.

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