If we don't manage to complete a scheduled bin collection and the whole street's affected you don’t need to contact us. We'll try to arrange a re-scheduled collection and this will be listed below. We update the list at the end of each day.

If a re-scheduled collection date isn't listed by the day after your bin should have been collected, or we don't collect it on the date stated below, please report a missed bin online.

If we've asked you to leave your bin out for collection on a Saturday but it isn't emptied, please put it out again the following Monday. Very occasionally we can't catch up on all missed rounds on Saturdays.

Leaving extra side waste out with your bin

We're sorry, but we can't take any side waste that doesn't fit in your grey bin. We can take extra brown bin recycling (plastic and tins) if it's in a bin liner next to your bin, but all glass must be placed within your bin. Any additional paper or cardboard can be left next to your blue bin; please tear it into smaller pieces and place it inside one small or medium sized box. You can leave this box next to your bin on collection day. The box must be small enough to fit back inside the bin as the crew will re-fill and re-empty your bin for you. Please only put this out on the morning of your collection and only when the weather is dry.

Current disruptions

Area Street Bin When to put your bin out
Central Locke Avenue, Park Grove Back Road Grey Wednesday 21 April 
Cudworth Pontefract Road Grey Wednesday 21 April
Honeywell Issott Street Grey Wednesday 21 April
Penistone West Gate Green Wednesday 21 April
Shafton Greenside Green Wednesday 21 April 
Silkstone Common Hall Royd Avenue/Lane Brown/Green Wednesday 21 April