Report a missed bin

Disruption to bin collections due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) we're diverting our crews to prioritise the collection of grey, brown and blue bins.

Green bin collections are currently suspended; please don't use our online form or call us to report these as missed.

Scheduled blue bin collections will start again from Tuesday 7 April.

If the grey, brown or blue bins on your street have been missed you don't need to report this to us because we'll already know there's been a problem. Check our alerts page for details of when we expect to return.

Find out more about disruptions to bin collections due to COVID-19.

Reporting a missed bin

Before you report a missed bin you may want to check you've put the right bin out

We don't collect bins from empty or unoccupied property, so please don't report them as missed.

Missed bin rounds

If we’ve not emptied the bins on your street it may be because our crew has had a breakdown or the bin lorry is full. You don't need to report this to us, because we'll already know there's been a problem. You can leave your bin out and we'll return to empty it, usually the next day. Check for known service problems here.

We have CCTV on our bin lorries, so we'll also check why we've missed your bin.

If you run a business, and we've not emptied your commercial waste bins, please report this to our business waste team.

Tell us about a missed bin

If your neighbours' bins have been emptied, but yours hasn't, it may be that it's been missed. We're sorry, but we can't return to pick up individual bins.

If it's less than 48 hours since your bin was missed, you can use our online form below to report a missed grey, blue or brown bin to us. You can also use the form to order three strong extra sacks to use until your next collection day, if your bin is full. There's no charge for the sacks and we'll send them to you by second class post when we've received your form.

Open the tab below to read more about how to use the extra sacks.

We're sorry, but we can't send extra sacks for missed green bins as the sacks aren't suitable for green waste. We'll collect your green bin on your next green bin collection day. If your green bin is full, you can visit one of our recycling centres.

Before you begin

You'll need to tell us your address on the form. If you live above a commercial property, please use your own address and not the name of the business or shop.

Please don't use this form if:

  • you run a business and we've not emptied your commercial waste bins; get in touch with our business waste team
  • the bins on your street haven't been emptied; we'll know about this already and will return to collect them. Check for known service problems here.
  • you didn't put your bin out on time
  • you put the wrong bin out; check your bin collection days
  • it's more than 48 hours since your bin was missed
  • we put a sticker on your bin to say it's too heavy to empty; you'll need to take some items out 
  • we put a contaminated sticker on your bin; this means you've put something in the wrong bin, such as waste in a recycling bin. Please take the item out so that we can collect your bin next time.
  • we missed your green bin; we'll empty it on your next green bin collection day
  • your property is empty/unoccupied

How to use the extra sacks

If you've ordered sacks, we'll send you the appropriate colour for the bin collection that was missed:

  • pink sacks for your grey bin waste
  • clear sacks for blue or brown bin recycling 

The three sacks have the same capacity as one bin and are strong enough to leave outside. You'll need to put them out with the bin that was missed on your next collection day. We'll collect up to three pink sacks alongside a grey bin, or up to three clear sacks alongside a blue or brown bin.

Please don't use any of your own sacks if we've missed your bin, we can only pick up the ones we've provided.