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Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Barnsley is a great place to live, work and visit. If you want to get your business on the map, we can help you.

Barnsley is renowned for its for excellence, and its proved by our award-winning £220 million mixed use redevelopment, The Glass Works. Its given our town centre a brand new purpose with footfall now at record levels. Our 2023 footfall at the Glass Works was up 22% on 2022, which bucks the national trends.

Our town centre events draw visitors from all across Yorkshire and beyond. Our award-winning cultural destinations are thriving and bringing in huge levels of external funding and a record numbers of visitors.

Our economy is thriving, with our local plan bringing well-known businesses such as Evri, SHI, XPO, and NHS blood and transplant services. Beyond the town centre, we've invested widely in enhancing our Principal Towns, high streets and communities across the borough.

Why choose us?

Our advertising offers access to high volume traffic and footfall while connecting your brand to Barnsley.

What we offer

We have a range of advertising and sponsorship options to suit your business’ needs and budget. You can take a look at what we can offer in the following details.

All advertising through our channels must comply with our advertising and sponsorship policy. This includes the High fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) policy note.

Roundabout advertising

Roundabout advertising offers a great chance to make sure your message is seen by commuters all year round.

They have an average traffic flow of 489,000 vehicles monthly per site. There's the chance to advertise on a contract between one and three years. They also offer brilliant visibility, value and longevity.


  • You can build a local presence to help stand out from the competition. You'll be a brand that's known locally through longer term advertising. Promote your business to hundreds of people every day.
  • It’s a great way to target local audiences in Barnsley. We have advertising options across the borough so you can capture the attention of the right people in the right place.
  • Your advert will be there 24/7, 365 days of the year. There's no limit to who can see your advert or when. Tried and tested, roundabout advertising lets you get your message across all year round.

We have 42 roundabout advertising sites across our borough. Take a look at the map and find the spot that's best for your business.

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Event sponsorship

We host and aid a range of events and activities throughout the year. Footfall in Barnsley town centre in 2023 went up by 22% on 2022. Thousands of people attend our events every year. We also get over one million visitors a year to our heritage sites and attractions.

We can offer a unique sponsorship for up to eight businesses. You'll get exposure for your business through:

  • Logo/brand placement on key print and advertising.
  • Brand placement at each of the events included in the package.


  • It's a great way to open up your business to new customers locally, as well as regionally and nationally.
  • Our headline events saw the following footfall increases in 2023:
    • Flavours Food Festival +22%
    • Barnsley’s Big Weekend +26%
    • Barnsley Bright Nights +27%
    • Footfall at our Christmas Market, a new event for 2023, was 127,501.
  • Increased brand exposure for your business.
    Help your business to become an easy to recognise and trusted brand in Barnsley. You can sponsor popular and well-loved events that benefit local communities.
  • Support and maintain local heritage sites.
    Your support helps us to keep free access to our five museums:

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Park sponsorship

Our parks host a range of events through the year. You can be a park partner and sponsor one of these events. Being a part partner can help you to:

  • Promote your business to hundreds of visitors.
  • Give something back to the local community.

As a park partner, you'll have a formal sponsorship agreement. This includes things such as advertising, public relations and use of open spaces for events. It can also include volunteer days.

These are a great way for your employees to get outdoors, do team building and help the community. Many local businesses have taken part in projects such as tree planting, painting and general maintenance.


  • Many of our parks are Yorkshire in Bloom award winning sites.
    We've won 16 awards and recognition for how businesses get involved to enhance Barnsley for its residents and visitors.
  • Our parks offer a variety of features and activities to a broad range of visitors.
    These include children’s play areas, sports, heritage sites and historical landmarks, unique gardens and outdoor spaces, family events, outdoor music and galas.
  • The majority of our facilities are free of charge for visitors.
    They're also open seven days a week.

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