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Testimonials from our customers


Sheffield City Council

We switched e-Bulk providers to Barnsley MBC as the system seemed more efficient, the team more supportive and they offered a competitive price. We haven’t looked back since!

I would recommend that you test the system out if you're looking at buying a new e-Bulk system.

(August 2020)


Rotherham Council - taxi licensing

Overall we're very happy with the process, and in a way wish it was something that we'd started to use sooner.

(August 2020)


Horizon Community College

The DBS team provide a great service. The team are very helpful and polite and always resolve any issues swiftly.

(August 2020)


Richard – Astrea Academy Dearne School

Very straightforward electronic application process from start to finish. Would highly recommend.

(August 2020)


Yvonne – Holy Trinity School

I've worked with the DBS team for quite a long time now. They are very professional, knowledgeable and very focused. When I came back to work after a long-term sickness, they were very much there to support me whilst ever I needed them, and never made me feel like I was wasting their time. I highly recommend them!

(August 2020)


Amber Copley - Assistive Living Technologies

The other managers and I within our service have found the DBS online process good to use. The system is easy to navigate and the disclosure result comes back quickly which is great when we've been recruiting to new posts.

(August 2020)