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Testimonials from our customers


David - Rotherham Council

David, a senior recruitment advisor from Rotherham Council, praised the swift processing and high level of professionalism of Barnsley Council's DBS service.

Claire - City of Doncaster Council

Claire, a service manager for Adults Wellbeing and Culture, thanks Barnsley Council's DBS system for its efficient service, streamlined processes, and reliable background checks.

Kim - Barnsley Council

Kim, a reviewing team manager from Barnsley Council, appreciated the support and guidance she received from Barnsley Council’s DBS team.

Linda - school business manager

Linda, a business manager from a school, commended the excellent service and straight forward system provided by Barnsley Council's DBS team.

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council, a user of the e-Bulk system, says they switched to Barnsley Council for its efficient system, supportive team and competitive price.

Alan – Rotherham Council Licensing

Alan, a licensing manager at Rotherham Council, expressed satisfaction with the DBS process, which he found much better than the previous paper-based process.

Donna - Schools Catering

Donna, the operations manager for Schools Catering, highly recommends the Barnsley Council DBS system for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality.