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Katy, Headteacher

We've always found Barnsley HR services to be really effective. We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for our needs. The staff are can always been contacted and are knowledgeable. They've helped the school through a range of situations.

Costs are competitive and the level of service we receive is excellent value for money. Using Barnsley HR as well as payroll means there's communication between the two. This means there's no need to duplicate information.


David, Business Manager

With a dedicated HR advisor we've really benefitted from their advice. This has been especially during those sometimes difficult times in schools.

We meet together regularly to review absences. Through the monitoring process we've seen a reduction in staff absence. I would like to think that the support from OHU has helped some staff as well, both in and out of school.


Louise, School Business Manager

The school has been working with Barnsley HR services for schools for many years. We have a good working relationship. Their attention to detail and in-depth knowledge has been really valuable. They're more than happy to make frequent visits to school. Their attendance at meetings has also played a part in the school following policies and procedures.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Barnsley HR services to other schools. Thank you for giving a professional yet friendly service.