Hackney Carriage tariff consultation

Barnsley Hackney Carriage Association has asked Barnsley Council, acting as the licensing authority, to increase the current Hackney Carriage tariff.

Section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 gives the Council the authority to fix fares for hackney carriages. When the council makes or changes the fares for hackney carriages, it must carry out a public consultation for at least 14 days within which any objections to the proposal can be made.

A copy of the proposed tariff will be made available at the Library @ the Lightbox for the public to inspect and review. You can also view the proposed changes to the Hackney Carriage tariff below:

Hackney Carriage Tariff Tariff 1 - for up to four passengers. Standard fares (except for such periods as fall within Tariffs 2 and 3) Tariff 2 - for up to four passengers. Fares starting between 8pm and 7am and statutory bank holidays (except for such periods as fall within Tariffs 3 and 5) and between 7am on Sunday and 7am on Monday Tariff 3 - for one to eight passengers. Fares between 8pm on 24 December and 7am on 27 December and 8pm on 31 December and 7am on 2 January Tariff 4 - standard fares for five or more seater vehicles/passengers (except for such periods as fall within Tariff 3) Tariff 5 - fare for one to four passengers, any Sunday and any bank holiday from 1am until 7am (except for such periods as fall within Tariff 3)
Up to and including first mile £4.50 £5.30 £9.00 £6.70 £5.70

Each subsequent complete mile

£1.80 £1.80 £3.60 £2.70 £2.70

Waiting/stationary - for each 30 second period or part

10p 10p 20p 20p 20p

All fares shall be calculated from when the hire commences, not exceeding the rates started except when a journey starts or ends outside the borough and another fare or rate of fares is agreed before the hire commences.

Extras Charges marked # are not shown on the meter
Dogs and other uncaged animals (except guide and other assistance dogs) 50p
Luggage storied in the boot or designated area (excluding the first two items, wheelchairs or any other apparatus used to assist someone with a disability) 20p
For soiling or otherwise damaging the vehicle £80

The Hackney Carriage tariff consultation will run for two weeks, starting on Friday 21 April and finishing at midnight on Friday 5 May:

  • If no objections are received, the new table of fares will come into effect at midnight on Friday 5 May.
  • If objections are received, the Council must consider them before making a decision to approve or amend the tariff accordingly.

You can feedback your views on the proposed new Hackney Carriage tariff at https://surveys.barnsley.gov.uk/s/E5TIVK/.

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