2023-2024 Programme for Overview and Scrutiny Committee

This year’s Overview and Scrutiny work programme focuses on people’s health, safety and the economic success of residents and the borough. It remains flexible throughout the year to allow the committee to respond to any issues that require attention at short notice.   

Overview and Scrutiny is about understanding why decisions are made and ensuring they are the best ones possible. Overview and Scrutiny provides the opportunity for councillors to improve the quality and delivery of services to local communities.   

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is made up of 34 councillors who are not in the Cabinet, from across all the political parties that make up our Full Council. The Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee is a councillor decided annually by Full Council.   

The committee and its three task and finish groups are responsible for holding the council decision-makers accountable and for scrutinising our performance. They can also look at the performance of some of our partners, including health services and the police, to determine whether we’re delivering the outcomes we want to achieve.   

Cllr Robin Franklin, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “We’re committed to, and pride ourselves on good governance. We operate under strict regulations and procedures, and make sure that we’re transparent and accountable to our residents.   

“The need for sound, effective decision-making is critical to make sure that we make the right decisions for our residents and deliver value for money while continuing to make Barnsley the place of possibilities for everyone.”  

Cllr Jeff Ennis OBE, Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, said: “The Overview and Scrutiny Committee plays an important role in the overall governance of the council’s decisions and provides effective scrutiny through challenging and amplifying our communities' voices and concerns to ensure we improve outcomes for all our residents.”  

Find out more about the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and how the council works on our website.   

The programme has been approved by Cabinet today, 6 August and the report can be viewed on our website. 

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