600 Barnsley students attend health and social care careers event

One of the largest health and social care careers events took place in Barnsley earlier this week, introducing local students to a range of job opportunities within health and social care.

600 secondary school and college students signed up for the ‘We Care Into The Future’ event to find out more about the huge range of jobs and volunteering opportunities available in the sector. 

The event featured a simulated journey of someone who needs emergency help. Students were taken through what happens from the 999 call to the ambulance crew arriving. They were talked through what would happen in the emergency department, through to the hospital ward and back into community care. Using actual healthcare staff involved in the simulations gave the students an insight into the real world of health and social care work.  

From there, the students visited over 40 stands, highlighting over 100 different careers. Health and social care staff were on hand to talk about the variety of jobs on offer in Barnsley as well as raise the aspirations of our young people.  

The students had the opportunity to meet with local colleges and universities, who advised and guided them on the range of health and care training and education they offer.

There was also information about apprenticeships and different employment schemes available. The event was a highly interactive experience. 

The event organisers invited all secondary schools in Barnsley, as well as those being home-schooled. The event was timed so that those students about to choose their GCSE options could do so armed with a better understanding of local job and training opportunities.  

Wendy Lowder, Executive Place Director for Barnsley at NHS South Yorkshire and Executive Director of Place Health and Adult Social Care at Barnsley Council, said: “Health and social care offers a wide range of career prospects.  This event was a fantastic opportunity to give students a glimpse into where they can use their skills and interests in the future.

“The simulation activity alone shows the variety of hands-on roles available, from the person who takes the 999 call, to the paramedics on the scene, right through to the people providing ongoing care in the person’s home.  

“We know our young people have got so many skills and interests but it’s sometimes hard for them to imagine what sort of jobs are out there – there’s over 350 different types of careers in health alone. Hopefully, they got to see that caring and volunteering, as well as education and training, can all be great routes into health and care. 

“We Care into the Future is a great way to kick-start those conversations with young people, encouraging them to begin thinking about what comes after school and to show them what they are capable of.”

Councillor James Michael Stowe, the Mayor of Barnsley, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the 600 students to look at 40 stalls and get that chance to model their future. It’s giving them an idea of what’s out there for them.” 

Learn more about the possibilities available working in health and care on our Proud to Care webpage.

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