A635 Stairfoot and Cundy Cross Improvement Scheme

Barnsley Council is thrilled to announce the launch of the A635 Stairfoot and Cundy Cross improvement scheme, a transformative initiative aimed at alleviating congestion and improving access around the area.

In July 2023, the council conducted a comprehensive borough-wide travel consultation. This consultation allowed the community to voice their concerns, preferences, and suggestions regarding travel and congestion schemes. The survey highlighted that the Stairfoot junction and Cundy Cross was the number one priority for residents and businesses. The A635 Doncaster Road and A633 Wombwell Lane, also combined to make the second highest priority for routes in need of improvement.

In response to these findings, the Stairfoot and Cundy Cross scheme is set to revamp and reconfigure Stairfoot roundabout and its connecting entry and exit lanes. This visionary project aims to bolster local regeneration by addressing current and forecasted congestion along the A635 Doncaster Road corridor while enhancing the reliability of bus travel times. Additionally, the scheme endeavours to enhance pedestrian and cycling facilities, fostering a more active and accessible travel environment for our community.

The proposed plans for the Stairfoot and Cundy Cross scheme include several key enhancements, including straightening the approach to the roundabout from Wombwell Lane and Bleachcroft Way, widening entry and exit lanes, and the addition of shared-use paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, the scheme will make improvements to the Trans Pennine Trail, including the replacement of the bridge over Grange Lane.

Cllr James Higginbottom, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Highways said: "The Stairfoot and Cundy Cross scheme signifies a pivotal step forward in our commitment to facilitating sustainable transport and enhancing our communities.

“By addressing congestion and improving transport infrastructure, we aim to create a more vibrant, accessible, and environmentally friendly travel network for our residents and visitors."

Projected to commence construction in February 2025, the scheme's timeline includes the submission of a planning application in April 2024, followed by the submission of a full business case for final funding approval, with construction scheduled to conclude in February 2027.

To ensure community engagement and gather valuable feedback, we'll be consulting with businesses and residents across the borough. Have your say in our online consultation that runs until Sunday 4 February 2024. Multiple drop-in events and an online survey have been organised to provide the surrounding community with the opportunity to review the plans and contribute their insights.

Upcoming engagement sessions:

  • Thursday 18 January 2024: Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Church, 31 Hunningley Close, Barnsley S70 3DP (1-7pm)
  • Saturday 20 January 2024: Library @ the Lightbox, 1 The Glass Works, Barnsley S70 1GW (10am-2pm)
  • Tuesday 23 January 2024: Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Church, 31 Hunningley Close, Barnsley S70 3DP (1-7pm)

For more information about the scheme visit our Stairfoot and Cundy Cross webpage.
If you have any additional questions, you can email stairfootbrt@barnsley.gov.uk.

We look forward to engaging with our community and developing sustainable transport solutions for a better-connected Barnsley.

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