Barnsley students celebrate A-level results day

Students across Barnsley received their A-level results day today (Thursday).

Due to the Covid pandemic, this year was the first time that most students will have sat an exam; their GCSE years were disrupted by school closures, and their GCSE grades were teacher assessed.

Grading for A-level exams has now also moved back to the pre-pandemic system.

Penistone Grammar School maintained its 100 percent pass rate, which is fantastic news, and has significantly increased the number of students -  95.3 percent - achieving three A-levels.

However, like many other schools and colleges across the country, the percentage of students achieving a Grade A or A* has fallen significantly, by 28 percent.  There were 25.7 percent of passes at this level.

Barnsley College saw a 99 percent pass rate for students achieving three A-levels, an increase from last year which was 97.4 percent, and 56.9 percent achieved three A-levels – up on last year’s figure of 55.8 percent.

Some 13.9 percent of students achieved a Grade A or A*.

Overall, this means that Barnsley saw a decrease in the percentage of students achieving a Grade A or A* from 26.1 percent in 2022 to 16.6 percent this year.

The overall pass rate also decreased slightly for Barnsley from 99.3 percent to 99.2 percent.

This is in line with many other areas of the country, which have seen dramatic changes this year following a return to pre-pandemic exam assessment and grading.

Carly Speechley, Executive Director for Children’s Services, said:

“I’d like to congratulate Barnsley’s A-level students across on their results, after what has been a very challenging couple of years.

“My sincere thanks go to all the teachers, parents and carers who have supported young people throughout their education. We are proud to be working together so that our young people aim high and achieve their full potential.

“The fall in top grades will mean disappointment for some students, but it has got nothing to do with their individual performance. I hope that every student is immensely proud of all the hard work and dedication they have put into their studies.

“For those who might feel upset at not receiving the grades they hoped for, please remember that there are many options and plenty of help available if you are uncertain about what route to take next.”

Schools and colleges offer support from dedicated advisers and have a wide range of information available.

The National Careers Service ( provides information to help young people decide on their next steps, and the exam results helpline can be contacted on 0800 100 900.

Some young people may be seeking alternatives to higher education and many employers, including Barnsley Council, offer apprenticeship opportunities which help young people to gain new experiences and work skills.  You can find out more on the council website at

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