Cabinet agrees Adult Social Care fee uplifts, supporting Barnsley's care providers and brilliant care workers

Earlier today, Cabinet members agreed to a series of fee uplifts for Barnsley’s care providers and reviewed our plans for ensuring a sustainable care market to support our communities.

These fee uplifts are designed to support the sector to continue delivering high-quality care, both now and in the future, and enhance the pay for our borough’s brilliant care workers.

These uplifts cover the full range of Adult Social Care services and providers, including residential care, home care, supported living, Shared Lives and Personal Assistants.

We consult care providers annually on our proposed fees, allowing us to make sure any changes reflect the challenges they face, such as the impact they’re feeling from the cost of living crisis.

These proposed uplifts have been meticulously planned as part of our Medium-Term Financial Strategy, helping us foster a thriving care system for our communities and care workers alike.

Today’s report also looks at how we will work with providers to create a sustainable care market for those who need support.

We’re currently refreshing our Adult Social Care Market Position Statement, helping providers understand our vision, strategy and plans to improve Adult Social Care services in Barnsley.

Later this year, we will also be publishing our Market Shaping Plan. This will set out how we plan to shape our care market to meet people’s needs, both now and in the future.

The plan will also look at how we can work with providers to co-produce solutions, helping people achieve better outcomes and creating a sustainable care market for everyone.

Our Market Position Statement and Market Shaping Plan will build on the great work happening across the health and care system to improve people’s experiences of care.

Councillor Jo Newing, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place Health and Adult Social Care, said: “We want to make sure everyone in our communities can get the best possible support to live happier, healthier lives. We want to create a sustainable care system that prioritises quality, supporting those in need now and in the future, so it’s great to be able to continue supporting the sector with these fee uplifts.

“These uplifts also help us to recognise the contributions of Barnsley’s brilliant care workers in our communities. They are the backbone of the care system, changing the lives of people across Barnsley, and I want to thank them for everything they do for our communities.”

You can read more about our Adult Social Care fee uplifts and Market Sustainability Plan on the Barnsley Council website.

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