Cabinet members will approve public consultation on the draft Housing Strategy 2024-2028

Next week, Cabinet members will approve plans for a public consultation on the draft Housing strategy 2024-2028.

Developed in consultation with stakeholders and partners from Berneslai Homes, the draft strategy sets out the Council's priorities for housing in Barnsley over the next four years. If approved by Cabinet, a public consultation will be held providing an opportunity for residents, landlords, and tenants to have their say. Following engagement and consultation, a final strategy will be presented.

The new strategy will acknowledge key issues affecting housing in Barnsley and the impact they have on residents. It will outline our plans to address these issues through collaboration and partnership working, while also aligning with other key strategies and plans.

Highlights from the current Housing Strategy (2014-2033) demonstrate the Council's commitment to housing provision, investment, and management in our borough:

  • Supporting new housing development: Over the past nine years, 7,099 new homes have been built in Barnsley, including approximately 2,500 affordable homes. The Council's own build program has delivered 140 social housing units, with another 60 scheduled for completion in the coming year.
  • Building high-quality, desirable, and sustainable homes: The Council has adopted the Barnsley Low Carbon Standard for all Council homes since 2021. It has also produced supplementary planning documents to enhance affordable housing provision, housing design, and sustainability standards.
  • Making best use of and improving existing housing stock: The Council has invested £360 million in maintaining and improving Council homes, ensuring that tenants have safe, warm, and affordable homes. It has also secured funding for energy support and efficiency works in over 2,000 homes, reducing fuel poverty and enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Developing strong and resilient communities: The Council has received £25 million in Town Deals Funding to deliver masterplan priorities in Goldthorpe, complementing previous regeneration works. It has also established a dedicated Warm Homes Service to address fuel poverty and promote affordable warmth.
  • Supporting younger, older, and vulnerable people to live independently: The Council has developed strategies to prevent homelessness and rough-sleeping, including the provision of temporary accommodation.

A period of consultation will follow, with targeted work to ensure that we hear from a representative cross-section of our community. Residents’ views will lead directly into the final housing strategy, as we continue to strive to ensure that our work is led by our residents and communities across the borough.

Cllr Robin Franklin, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “We’ve seen significant progress made in our current strategy which was developed in 2014 including great investment into new housing developments.

“We have ambitious plans for housing in our borough and consulting with the public on our new strategy will help us to ensure we deliver what residents want to see.

“We want to make sure our new strategy continues our commitment to ensuring that our residents are living in or have access to affordable warm homes in a safe community.”

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