Cabinet members will discuss the Berneslai Homes Repairs and Complaints Policy

We’re working with Berneslai Homes to improve the repairs and complaints process for customers through the implementation of two new policies. Next week, Cabinet members will discuss the Berneslai Homes new Repairs and Maintenance Policy, and the updated Complaints Policy.

The Repairs and Maintenance Policy outlines responsibilities of both Berneslai Homes and tenants in making sure homes are well-maintained, safe, and in good repair. The policy covers different types of repairs including responsive, out of hours, programmed, planned, and rechargeable repairs. It also outlines the permissions and approvals required for tenants to carry out improvements, alterations, or additions to their homes.

The repair and maintenance of homes is a requirement of the Regulator of Social Housing, as set out in the new Safety and Quality Standard. Berneslai Homes is responsible for providing an effective, efficient, and timely repairs, maintenance, and planned improvements service.

This updated Complaints Policy, aligning with the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code, is designed to enhance the complaint-handling process for the Council’s housing stock, ensuring transparency, and tenant satisfaction. The policy outlines how we will improve the complaints process, strengthening communication and responsiveness for tenants. 

Both policies have been written in collaboration with engaged tenants and approved by the Berneslai Homes Board. These policies are in compliance with statutory and regulatory standards, and align to the Berneslai Homes Strategic Plan, the Asset Management Strategy, and the Consumer Regulation Action Plan. Both Policies aim to help us maintain safe and well-kept properties, offering efficient and transparent processes for tenants and stakeholders.

Amanda Garrard, Chief Executive of Berneslai Homes, said: “We want to deliver the best possible service to tenants and listen to them to understand their needs.

“Our new Repairs and Maintenance Policy and updated Complaints Policy have both been written with helpful input from tenants and will help to make sure we’re responsive, accountable, and proactive in meeting the needs of our community.

“They set out how we’ll deliver a high-quality repairs service and how we’ll deal with complaints to put things right as soon as possible.”

Matt O’Neill, Executive Director for Growth and Sustainability said: "We’re committed to making sure our tenants get the support they need and receive a high-quality repairs service and complaint handling.

“These two policies provide a clear framework to help us achieve this goal and reflect our commitment to transparency, efficiency, and continuous improvement in our services.”

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