Celebrate Barnsley's young musical talent at the annual Winter Celebration event

This November, we will see the return of the Barnsley Music Hub Winter Celebration event. Brought to you by Barnsley's very own talented young musicians. The event gives participants an opportunity to perform at a professional venue in the heart of Barnsley. 

Emily, a member of the Barnsley Town Concert Band, playing in the finale of the Winter Celebration, said: “It’s an amazing experience playing with Barnsley town concert band. It has opened up so many enriching opportunities. Such as visiting Paris, taking part in the national concert band festival and playing at the Birmingham symphony hall.”

“The winter celebration is really inspiring for all young musicians. It gives newer players so much to aspire to, and it is a great opportunity to showcase what we’ve all been working so hard on throughout the year.” 

Councillor Robin Franklin, Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “It's great to see the next generation of musical talent in Barnsley have the opportunity to perform at a great local venue. As well as a chance for Barnsley to show their support and celebrate the incredible musical talents of Barnsley's children and young people.” 

The Winter Celebration event will be held at the Barnsley Civic on Monday 27 November at 6.30pm. To book your place, please visit the Barnsley Civic booking page.

To get involved in the many opportunities the Barnsley Music Hub has to offer, visit BarnsleyMusicHub.com or email BarnsleyMusicService@barnsley.gov.uk

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