Christmas Carol Uncovered by Barnsley Museums

Barnsley Museums have recently uncovered a hidden gem in the form of a traditional Christmas Carol, written back in 1933 when researching the anniversary of the iconic Town Hall.


Found in the Barnsley Chronicle Archives, it was written by local musician Arthur Godfrey and published the same month the Town Hall was opened. Excitingly, the Museum has recorded it using the original words and music and plan to release it on their social media channels on Thursday, 14 December, to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Barnsley Town Hall. 


It's a wonderful opportunity for the people of Barnsley and beyond to get a taste of the festive season, as it was celebrated over 90 years ago. The Carol is sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia and captures the magic of Christmas from a bygone age.


The fact that it was written by a Barnsley-born musician makes it even more special and bringing it back to life by recording the carol is the perfect way to celebrate the musical talents of Arthur.


It was said about the carol at the time - “We hope that this carol will be sung and played throughout Barnsley and district this Christmastide, and that it will be appreciated that it is the work of a Barnsley composer.”


Councillor Robin Franklin, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “To rediscover such a beautiful carol has been a real treat, and what better way to pay tribute to its creator than by recording the carol for people to enjoy. The fact that it has been found so close to the Town Hall anniversary, the year in which it was written is astounding and we hope people will enjoy listening to it for the very first time.”


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