Council support helps create over 500 new jobs in Barnsley

With our help, 216 jobs were created in the last quarter, bringing the total number of new private sector jobs in the first half of the year to over 500, surpassing our goal and enhancing the local economy. 

Other achievements that are part of our latest performance report, which shows our progress from July to September 2023, include: 

Healthy Barnsley 

  • Anti-social behaviour incidents have dropped by 7.9% compared to the previous quarter. There was a decrease in rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour, which accounts for more than one in every four reported incidents. 

Learning Barnsley 

  • 79.3% of eligible families are using the two year old childcare education offer. We’re working to extend free childcare for two year olds entitlement as announced by Government. We’re collaborating with existing childcare settings to identify places needed to meet the new expansion. 

Growing Barnsley 

  • We’ve supported 45 new businesses and the growth of 35 businesses. 

Sustainable Barnsley  

  • Barnsley Museums attracted over 500,000 visitors to its venues. With an exciting programme throughout the summer months and holidays, with events such as Archaeology Day and Reds Day. Experience Barnsley received over 22,000 thousand visitors through its doors, the highest since 2017. 

Cllr Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “We’re proud to have supported over 500 people find work so far this year. Our borough is an ambitious place where everyone can thrive and fulfil their potential. Having a job is not only about income. It’s about having a purpose and motivation, supporting good health and feeling part of a community.  

“This quarter, we've made positive progress towards our vision and ambitions for Barnsley. We always try to build on our successes by focusing on key areas. 

Our latest performance report will be discussed at Cabinet on Wednesday 13 December. You can find out more information about the report in the cabinet papers on our website. 

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