DIAL expands advice sessions in the North East area thanks to Ward Alliance funding

Message from DIAL Barnsley

For the past eight years, DIAL has been delivering Advice Sessions in Royston for disabled people, carers and vulnerable families, funded by Royston Ward Alliance. These community outreach sessions have served as a lifeline to local residents, offering 202 hours of face-to-face support from experienced DIAL Advisors last year alone. This resulted in DIAL’s advisors helping residents in Royston to gain £112,775 in Welfare Benefits as well as receiving advice on a whole range of social welfare issues.

Thanks to additional funding from Ward Alliances, DIAL has been able to expand its sessions in the North East Area to now also deliver Advice Sessions in Grimethorpe, Shafton, Brierley, Great Houghton, and Cudworth. This expansion means that even more people in the area will have access to the face-to-face guidance and support that they need from DIAL’s experienced team of Advisors.

If you’re in the North East area and would like more information or to attend one of DIAL’s Advice Sessions, please contact their First Contact team directly on 01226 833060, at first.contact@dialbarnsley.org.uk or by visiting www.dialbarnsley.org.uk/contact.

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