Latest performance shows we’re reinforcing our commitment to residents’ health and wellbeing

We’re pleased that we’ve achieved significant results in reablement and safeguarding, with an impressive 86% of people finishing reablement without long-term needs. Our Reablement team, working with our Adult Social Care Front Door, to help prioritise people going through Reablement before having or needing a Care Act Assessment. This proactive approach has helped people to receive early intervention and prevention support. 

Our latest performance report will be presented to Cabinet on 6 March, covering October to December 2023, highlighting achievements across our ambitions for the borough and areas for improvement. 

Learning Barnsley 

The uptake of our free childcare for two year olds has seen an 80% take up of children accessing early education. We’ve implemented alternative application routes to make sure that all eligible families can access this offer and that processes are in place to meet demands of the expanding programme. 

Our libraries have also experienced a rise in activity, with over 160,000 visits, and a significant increase in people reading our e-magazine. This reflects our commitment to providing diverse and accessible learning resources for our communities. 

Growing Barnsley 

We’re continuing to work with landlords to get properties back into use and reduce the number of vacant commercial properties.  

New business start-ups have exceeded our annual target for 2023 to 2024, while the number of businesses relocating to Barnsley has slightly fallen short of our target, we expect that take-up levels will balance out, driven by local company growth.  

Sustainable Barnsley 

Barnsley Museums has had a very busy third quarter with over 445,000 visitors across all sites. The museums' events schedules and new exhibitions have contributed to a thriving cultural scene. 

Addressing school suspensions remains a priority area. Multi-agencies are working together to support schools to address this. Our collaborative efforts with Education Health and Early Intervention Services aim to create inclusive environments for all children. 

Cllr Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: "We’re delighted with the exceptional outcomes achieved in reablement and safeguarding. The success of our proactive work in early intervention and prevention highlights how we’re working towards our ambition for Barnsley for people to have good physical and mental health and live independently for as long as they can.  

You can find out more information about the report in the cabinet papers on our website. 

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