Let’s have a healthy summer break

We’re sharing and promoting the ways families can help their children have a healthy summer break, with tips on healthy eating, keeping hydrated and staying safe in the sun.

We want to encourage children to see food as a source of fuel to nourish the body and provide energy so they can keep active over the holidays.

Positive eating habits and good nutrition help children to grow, develop and reach their full potential by helping the development of their brains, bones and muscles.

Staying hydrated by drinking water helps keep blood circulating and is also good for children’s teeth. Being well hydrates also improves mood and helps young brains to remember things. It’s economical too – tap water is much less expensive than sports drinks, pop and juice!

While we’re hoping for a summer of sunshine, where there’s plenty of opportunity to get outside, we want energy to be the only thing that’s burnt, so we’ll also be giving some sun safety reminders.

Sun protection, including regularly applying sun cream and covering up before playing outside is very important for children and young people to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Children’s skin is more delicate than adults, and can easily be damaged by the sun, even when it doesn’t seem strong.

We’ll be posting messages out on our social media channels.

There’s also information on sunscreen and sun safety at barnsley.gov.uk/services/health-and-wellbeing/protecting-your-health/ and how to eat well as a family at barnsley.gov.uk/services/health-and-wellbeing/healthy-living/eating-well/

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