Penistone closed road rally postponed

Cabinet members were today due to discuss a request for a Motor Race Order for a closed Road Rally but the event has been postponed by organisers Sheffield and Hallamshire Motor Club.


The event on Sunday 10 December would have required the closure of roads in the Penistone East and Penistone West wards of Barnsley borough. This event was not organised, sponsored or promoted by Barnsley Council. 


In recent days the council has received concerns from residents and businesses, and we have been passing on these concerns to the club for their consideration. The council has engaged with the club up until the point they decided to cancel the race on Tuesday night. 


Cllr James Higginbottom, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Highways, said: “Cabinet members were today due to discuss Sheffield and Hallamshire Motor Club's request for a Motor Race Order for a closed Road Rally on Sunday 10 December. The club has informed us they are withdrawing their application and the event will not be going ahead as planned.


“As a council, we have heard the concerns and objections that local residents have raised and ensured those were understood by the club.”


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