Residents encouraged to have their say on local polling stations

Residents and community groups are asked to give their views and engage in a consultation as part of a review of polling stations across Barnsley. 

Every five years, we review the polling stations we use for all elections in the borough to ensure that the locations are accessible and facilitate maximum engagement.  

This is your opportunity to have your say on the best place for you to vote to make democracy in Barnsley the best it can be.  

We want to make sure that polling stations are accessible to all including people with a disability.  

The six-week consultation starts Monday 2 October until Sunday 19 November. After this, we’ll consider all your comments and views we’ve received to decide which polling stations we’ll use for the next five years. The outcome will be announced in January 2024. 

Polling stations are rooms or areas within a polling place where voting is carried out and they should be within easy reach of all electors from across the polling district.  

The survey and further information about how to give your views is available on our website.

Wendy Popplewell, Executive Director of Core Services and Deputy Returning Officer for Barnsley, said: “It’s vitally important that our polling stations are in the most appropriate locations and can be easily accessed by everyone.  

“We encourage people to take part in this consultation. It’s a good way to for you tell us about any concerns you may have so that we can address them as part of this review.” 

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