We’re partnering with SETTLD to offer bereaved families help and support

We’re partnering with SETTLD to launch a free new service supporting grieving family members dealing with the death of a loved one.

As part of the service, families in Barnsley who’ve been affected by bereavement will be offered help and support in dealing with the heavy admin burden following a death. The service, provided by SETTLD, will be offered to families following a death being registered with our Registrars Team.

SETTLD, an award-winning admin service, was set up to support those having to take on bereavement-related phone calls and admin tasks at an already difficult time. As part of the new service in Barnsley, SETTLD does this on families’ behalf and contacts banks, building societies, insurance and utility providers, and more to save the bereaved having to explain their situation over and over again.

Families in Barnsley will be able to access the service for free from the point of a death being registered.

Cllr Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “Losing a loved one is a difficult and upsetting time, which isn’t helped by the burden of having to notify countless services and organisations about a death. We’re really pleased to be able to partner with SETTLD in Barnsley, and offer families support so that these tasks don’t have to be a part of the bereavement process.”

You can find out more about our Registrars Service on our website, as well as more information on further support available if you’re coming to terms with the death of a loved one.

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