Neville Court/Pit Lane/Wainwright Avenue/Smithley Lane, Wombwell - proposal


Temporary road closure


An order will be made to close the following from 14 August 2023 for approximately six weeks. The roads will be closed for three days only sometime during this period – no two roads will be closed at the same time: 

  • Neville Court from Neville Close to its termination. 

  • Pit Lane from Windmill Road to Dovecliffe Road. Diversion route: Dovecliffe Road/Smithley Lane/Aldham House Lane. 

  • Smithley Lane from Aldham House Lane to Smithfield Farm. Diversion route: Aldham House Lane/Pit Lane/Dovecliffe Road. 

  • Wainwright Avenue from Newsome Avenue to Wilson Avenue. Diversion route: Newsome Avenue/Wilson Street. 


Carriageway retread works.


Barnsley MBC Environment and Transport, telephone: 01226 773555.