Adult Skills and Community Learning

Course content

These courses will enable you to:

Make a fresh start with your learning. You'll have the chance to find out about what learning with us is like. You'll also explore how learning can support you in making progress towards personal goals.

You'll learn what you'll need to do to get the most out of your learning. You'll also find ways to balance your learning with time for yourself and other commitments.

You'll practice the skills you need for learning in a safe, supported environment. You'll be able to identify barriers that you might come across and find ways to overcome them.

With support and advice, you'll decide if you are ready for learning. You'll also find out which type of learning would make the best first step for you.

You'll also practice and discover if you need support with the following:

  • Regular attendance and arriving on time.
  • Balancing time for yourself, your learning and other commitments.
  • Actively contributing to activities and discussions in class.
  • Committing to your learning in and between classes.
  • Completing a workbook to show the progress made.
  • Asking for help when it is required.

You'll also develop skills for work:

Local employers in Barnsley have put together a list of skills they like their people to have. As part of your learning with us, you'll be developing the following skills:

  • Problem solving skills. You'll be using skills to solve every day problems.
  • Team working skills. You’ll be in touch with other learners in your group.
  • Communication. You’ll develop your skills by working with others in your group.
  • Digital skills. You'll discover how digital skills can support your progress.
  • Resilience. You’ll discover the importance of bouncing back after coping with challenges.
  • Being reliable. Regular attendance will help you get the most out of your course.

Course delivery 

Courses run for four weeks and are two hours per week. You’ll also be able to contact your tutor between sessions for extra support.

Courses run every half term so you'll not have to wait long for a start date.

Entry requirements 

There are no formal entry requirements.

Course fees

This course is free.

How to apply


After this course, you may be ready to move to a skills course and/or other courses within our wellbeing provision.