Adult social care

Supported employment and volunteering


We support vulnerable people through all stages of finding work or volunteering.

We can help you:

  • access a job coach in work
  • apply for a job
  • gain work experience
  • look for work or volunteering options
  • prepare for an interview
  • write a CV

We also work closely with local employers to develop chances to volunteer and for paid work. We can offer them advice about making their workplace safe and accessible for vulnerable people and adults with disabilities.

You can find out more in our employment and volunteering service leaflet.


Many people start their journey to paid employment by volunteering. It's a stepping stone to gain experience and develop skills that may lead to employment. We offer 'taster' days with local places. These allow you to experience the world of work and contribute to your own community.

It gives you the chance to stay active, try new things, meet new friends and be part of a team. This helps you develop new skills and build confidence, as well as a healthy CV. You can use the skills you gain through volunteering to secure paid employment.


We can support you into employment where you have the option to earn fair wages and other employment related benefits. Our aim is to raise goals and show that paid work is a realistic outcome for people.

We can allocate someone who will work alongside you until you've mastered tasks to your employer's standards.

How to apply

To apply for support to volunteer or find paid employment you can contact us online.

After contacting us we'll meet you to find out about your skills, interests and goals. This will help us match you with potential or existing vacancies.

Easy read links

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