Adult social care

Carer's assessment


A carer’s assessment helps us to work out if you're eligible for support from adult social care (in accordance with the Care Act) in your role as an unpaid carer. It's a chance for you to discuss how your caring duties affect you. You'll speak to one of our social care practitioners who'll look at what help you may need in your caring role.

You're entitled to an assessment whether or not the person you're looking after has had a Care Act assessment or is in receipt of support from adult social care. If you and the person you're looking after agrees, a joint assessment of both your needs can be done at the same time. If you prefer, your carer's assessment can be completed separately.

Find out more about whether you're eligible for support in the Care Act.

How to get a carer's assessment

Call us on (01226) 773300 to start your carer's assessment, or if you want some more advice.

After your assessment you may be eligible to receive a personal budget to meet your assessed care needs.

If you're under 18 you're considered a young carer and will be assessed by Children’s Services. This also applies if you're an adult who cares for a disabled child.

When assessing an adult’s needs for care and support we'll consider the situation of the whole family. This is to make sure that any young carers are identified and offered support where needed.

Carer's one-off payment

As part of your carer's assessment you can apply for a one-off payment to support you in your role as an informal carer. The payment is for up to £300 and is available once per year.

You can use the payment for a range of things to support you in your caring role. This could include a short break, for domestic items (such as a washing machine), domestic help, travel costs or driving lessons, or access to courses or materials to develop your carer skills. It can also be used for leisure to fund a hobby, or for short term care or a sitting service.

To be eligible for the carer's payment, the looked after person must either:

  • be in receipt of support from adult social care
  • have eligible care and support needs in accordance with the Care Act criteria.​

You can apply for the payment during your carer's assessment or by calling (01226) 773300.

Annual reviews

If you've had a carer's assessment, an annual review of your carer support needs will be carried out. This will be done unless you tell us that you don't wish to have a review. Contact us on (01226) 773300 if you have any queries about this.