Council tax and housing benefit fraud

We’ll investigate and take action against any kind of fraud and corruption. You can learn more about how we deal with fraud here.

Fraud is theft and it’s a criminal offence.

Tell us if you think someone's committing council tax or benefit fraud. You can report it by filling in one of our online forms on this page. Please open the tabs below for more information.  

Report housing benefit or council support tax fraud

This is where people claim housing benefit or council tax support when they’ve no right to.

You’re committing fraud if you:

  • don't declare all of your income, including earnings and private pensions
  • don’t declare all of your savings, including all bank/building society accounts and ISAs
  • don’t declare that you own another property or land
  • no longer live at the property at which you’re claiming
  • don’t declare a partner or other adults who live with you
  • don’t report any change in circumstances that might affect an existing claim

You’re also committing fraud if:

  • you pretend to rent a property that you actually own
  • you falsify documents to make it appear that your rent is higher than it actually is
  • as a landlord, you don't tell us your tenants have moved out and you still accept housing benefit payments
  • you ask an employer to help you supply false wage details 

If you make false claims or don’t tell us straight away about changes to your circumstances, you’ll have to repay any overpaid benefit/support. You may also be prosecuted. In less serious cases, you may receive a formal caution or a fine instead of prosecution. You must pay the fine along with any overpaid benefit.

Tell us if you know someone who's committing housing benefit or council tax support fraud. All you need to do is fill in our online benefit fraud form or email our fraud investigation team

Report other types of fraud

This is where people claim for a service or discount that they’re not entitled to, for example by:

  • failing to register to pay council tax
  • making a false application for a council tax discount, exemption or reduction
  • claiming a single person discount when someone else lives in the property
  • fraudulently redirecting monies intended for social care
  • providing false information in a ‘right to buy’ application

Please use our form below to report all fraud that isn't related to benefits.

Alternatively, you can email our fraud investigation team.

What happens next when you report fraud 

You don't have to give your details, but it's helpful if you do tell us your name and number. It will help our investigation if we can come back to you if we need more information from you.

Please give as much detail as you can, such as dates, full names, addresses, vehicle details, employment details.

We’ll look at all reported concerns.  Not all of them will warrant a full investigation; we may be able to resolve some matters informally.

We’ll handle any information you provide sensitively and in confidence. Check how we handle your information.

We’ll always prosecute if we think that doing so is in the public interest.