Council tax discounts

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get a discount on your council tax bill.

Fill in the council tax discount and exemption form if you think you may qualify for a discount on your council tax bill. You should read all the information below first.

How discounts work

The full council tax charge is based on the assumption that there are two adults living in your home. The bill doesn’t increase if there are more than two people.

If you live in a property on your own, you’ll be entitled to a single person’s discount on your council tax bill, which will reduce it by 25%. To claim this discount, fill in our council tax single person discount form.

People who aren’t counted

Some people aren’t counted when we look at the number of people living in a property to see whether a discount should apply.

To work out if a discount may apply to your home, count the number of adults who live there as their main home, but who aren’t in the special groups below. If there are two or more adults, then you'll be charged the full rate of council tax.

  • Full time students/student nurses, foreign language assistants
  • Occupants aged 18 or over for whom child benefit is payable
  • A student’s spouse or dependent who isn’t a British citizen
  • Patients permanently living in a hospital or residential home
  • Occupants under the age of 20 who are at or have just left school or college (after 30 April until 1 November)
  • Anyone who normally lives in the home but is in prison, hospital or other place under an order of any UK court.
  • Youth trainees/apprentices
  • Religious communities
  • Carers and care workers
  • Diplomats
  • Anyone with a severe mental impairment
  • Anyone staying in hostels or night shelters who doesn't have a permanent home
  • Visiting forces

Student discounts

Only full time students or student nurses can apply for this discount.

A qualifying student is someone who is:

  • 18 or 19 and on a course up to 'A' level or BTEC National Diploma standard for at least 12 hours a week
  • undertaking a full-time course of further or higher education at a university or college for at least 21 hours a week
  • a nurse studying under Project 2000 arrangements
  • a foreign language assistant registered at the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchange and appointed at a school or other educational establishment

A student nurse is someone who is:

  • on a course which would (if successfully completed) lead to them becoming a registered nurse, midwife or health visitor

You’ll need to let us have a student certificate confirming your course before we can award the discount. You can ask for a certificate at your college or university. Please scan your certificate and upload it with our evidence attachment form.

If you think you may qualify for a student discount, please fill in the online council tax discount and exemption form.

Other discounts

25% discount for up to 12 months if you have a property that needs, or that’s already undergone, structural alteration or major repair. Examples of works that may qualify include:

Structural repairs

Major repairs

  • A defective roof
  • Internal or external supporting walls
  • Floor joists and staircases
  • Chimney stacks
  • Foundations ( including underpinning)
  • Rebuilding external walls, for example to extend the property
  • Gutting the property – including removing most internal walls
  • Removing timber walls
  • Removing plaster from all walls
  • Taking most of the ceiling down

If you’re only replacing items in your property rather than repairing them, you may not qualify for this discount.

These examples would not qualify for this discount if you were to do them without any other work taking place:

  • replacing bathrooms or kitchens
  • damp proofing
  • plastering small parts of the property
  • pointing small parts of the property
  • replacing tiles or repairing only part of the roof
  • rewiring or re-plumbing

To claim this discount, fill in the online combined discount and exemption form. You’ll also need to send us evidence of any works, such as invoices or photographs. You can upload these using the evidence attachment form.

50% discount if you live in an annexe or self-contained flat (which is part of a main property) and you’re the relative of the person who lives in the main house. To claim, fill in the online combined discount and exemption form

100% discount for up to one month on an unoccupied and unfurnished property. Discount will only apply from the date the property became empty and if it's been occupied for six months prior to becoming empty). To claim, fill in the online combined discount and exemption form

65s and over discount

This discount is being phased out over the next four years, but if you're 65 and over, you can still apply by completing the council tax discount over 65s form if:

  • you have to pay council tax, jointly or in your own right, on a property in Barnsley
  • you’re single or joint occupiers
  • you don’t receive any council tax support on the property

The following discounts apply for 2016/17

Council tax band