Apply for council tax support

If you’re on a low income, you may be able to claim council tax support to help you pay your council tax bill.

Council tax support reduces your council tax bill in the same way other discounts (like Single Person Discount) reduce your bill. 

Who can claim

To claim council tax support you need to:

  • be the person responsible for paying the council tax bill (rented property or your own home)
  • be on a low income, whether it's from paid work, benefits or pension
  • you (including your partner) for pensionable age - have less than £16,000 in savings (unless you receive the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit).  For working age have less than £10,000 in savings

Pensionable age people 

The Government tells us how we must work out the discount for people of pensionable age. This is different to working age people.

To check your state pension age please go to

The maximum amount of help you can receive is 100% discount off your council tax bill.

Working age people 

From April 2020 the way that your council tax support is calculated will change if you are of working age.

The scheme is more generous and easier to apply for.

You can take a look at our what is council tax support page for more details. 

The maximum amount of help you can receive is 82.5% discount off your council tax bill

How to apply

You can apply for council tax support using our online form below.

Before you fill in the form, use our calculator to check whether you qualify, and how much you might be entitled to. The details you put in the calculator will automatically populate your claim form.

Make sure you've got the following information to hand before you start the form:

  • details of the income and benefits received by each person in your home (if you don’t have payslips, or you’ve recently changed jobs, ask your employer to fill in our online certificate of earnings form)
  • the amount of council tax you’re charged a year
  • the total balances for all your accounts (including any savings, post office or current accounts), for you and your partner

You may also need to fill in one of the following forms if any of these circumstances apply to you:

  • if you’re self-employed, please fill in our self-employed earnings form
  • if you’ve returned to live in the UK within the last two years, you must fill in our habitual residence form to prove that you’re entitled to make a claim for benefit
  • if you or your partner, or any children you’re claiming for, own another property or land, either in the UK or abroad, you’ll need to fill in our online property and land valuation form

At the end of the form, it will tell you what evidence we need to support your claim and if we need original documents or copies.

To claim council tax support, click 'Start a claim' below and then select the 'Start New Form' option.  

Continue a saved application

If you have previously started and saved an application form for council tax support, you can continue your existing application.

Click 'Continue application' below, then enter the 12 digit saved reference number that you were given when you saved the form and click continue.

Sending your evidence

If we've asked you to provide original documents, please contact us to make an appointment to come into one of our local offices. You can upload copy documents using the evidence form below.

You must provide your evidence within one calendar month from the date you applied for support.

Once we receive your information, we’ll work out how much you’re entitled to and contact you to let you know. This usually takes up to ten working days.

Please click on 'Send evidence' below to upload copy documents. When directed to the next page you'll need to click on 'Start new form', which you'll find at the top of the page.

Acting as an appointee

If you've been appointed to deal with a person’s financial affairs on their behalf, you need to fill in the form below to become their appointee for housing benefit or council tax.

How we pay your council tax support

Any support you're awarded will be deducted from your council tax bill and  we'll send you a new bill showing your new payment plan.

Your support will usually start on the Monday after we receive your application, or the day you told us you wanted to make a claim. In some instances, we can backdate your claim.

Appeal against our decision

If you think we’ve made a mistake with your claim, you can appeal against our decision using the form below.

Sign up to My Bentax to view your council tax details online.

What to do if you're finding it difficult to pay your bill your Council Tax bill

If you have been awarded Council Tax Support and find you are still finding it difficult to pay your council tax bill you can apply for additional relief using the form below. Any further relief will only be awarded if it is considered you are suffering extreme financial hardship. You will need to provide 3 months bank statements to confirm the amounts you provide on the form.

Find out more about the Discretionary Relief policy.

Change of circumstances

If you move house or there are any other changes to your circumstances, you can tell us using one of the forms on our change in circumstances page.