Discarded needles and syringes

Don't handle discarded needles unless absolutely necessary.

If you do need to move them urgently because they're a danger to children, make sure you wear disposable gloves and use tweezers to pick them up. Place the discarded needles in a glass bottle or jar and keep them locked in a safe place until we can collect them for disposal.

Report discarded needles

You can use our online form below to report discarded needles or syringes in public places.

Before you begin

Don't use this form to report needles or syringes on private land; tell the owner as they're responsible for reporting it.

Please note that we don't search houses or any other properties for needles or syringes.


There may be a charge for removing needles from private land or business premises. We’ll tell you more about this when you report the problem.

What happens next

If you make a report between Monday and Friday, we’ll come out the same day to remove the needles or syringes.