Make changes to a birth certificate

Birth re-registrations

You'll need to make an appointment to re-register your child's birth if:

  • you want to include the natural father's details 
  • you want to include the details of a second female parent
  • the natural parents have married after the birth

When you re-register a birth a new record will be created to replace the original one in the register.

To re-register your baby’s birth please complete the downloadable re-registration form. This is located in the "More information and forms" section. You can send or deliver these to Barnsley Register Office, Town Hall. It needs to include an original copy of your baby’s birth certificate. If your re-registration is following marriage we'll need to see an original copy of your marriage certificate and the marriage must have occurred after the baby’s birth.

We're unable to complete the re-registration unless you have these documents.

Once the forms have been checked by our Registrar we'll call you to make an appointment to re-register.

There's no charge for this service, however you'll need to purchase a new birth certificate at the normal statutory fee. The appointment will last around 15 minutes. If you're re-registering following marriage only one parent needs to attend. If you're adding natural father’s details not following marriage both parents will need to attend.

More information and forms

Adding the details of the natural father if you aren't married

If the natural father's weren't included in the original record you'll need to re-register the birth if you want them adding at a later time. 

When you add the natural father's details to the register you will have joint parental responsibility for the child.

You can change the surname of the child at the same time if you wish to do so.

If you weren't married at the time of the birth registration and haven't married since, you'll need to bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • a completed Form GRO185 signed by both parents
  • the child's original birth certificate 

The easiest way for the birth to be re-registered with the name of the father is for both parents to attend their nearest registration office together.

If both parents can't attend the register office, the parent who can't go will need to:

It's also possible for either parent to seek a court order naming the father and you'll need to contact the General Register Office as they deal with this.

If the mother and natural father have married since the birth

If you're the child's natural parents and have now married after the birth of your child, you must re-register the birth. This is done to accurately record the legal status of the child. You can add the natural father's name at the same time, if it wasn't recorded at the time of registration.

You'll need to bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • a completed Form LA1 signed by both parents
  • the child's original birth certificate
  • your marriage certificate

If you were married outside of the UK you'll need to apply to the General Register Office for permission to re-register the child before you arrange an appointment with the registrar.

If the mother and a second female parent have married or entered into a civil partnership after the birth

If you've married or formed a civil partnership with the child's second parent after the child was born you should re-register the birth. You'll need to contact the General Register Office for the relevant forms. When the General Register Office has received your applications they'll contact us when the re-registration has been authorised. You'll then be able to make an appointment with us for the re-registration to be carried out. 

Changing the forename of your child

You can change the forename(s) of your child within 12 months of the date of the registration of the birth.

If the child hasn't been baptised, to apply you'll need to:

If the child has been baptised in the Christian faith within the 12 month period after birth registration you should:

  • download and fill in Form 13
  • take the form to the minister of the church in which the child was baptised

When you've completed the appropriate form you can contact us to make an appointment. 

We can then record the new name in space 17 of the birth entry - this is at the bottom of the birth certificate. The original name of the child in space two remains and can be seen in the register and on the birth certificate. 

See our registration charges page for costs to record a new forename or get copies of the new birth certificate.

Removing the wrong father's details

To remove the name of a child's father from a birth registration you need a DNA test from an approved tester, a court order, or some other form of evidence that says that the man named isn't the natural father. You'll need to apply to the General Register Office and there will be a fee for this. 

To apply to remove the wrong father's details you need to:

If you've made a mistake when the birth was registered

If you realise that you've made a mistake with any information when you register the birth of your child, you can apply to correct the register.

You'll need to pay a fee for the correction and to buy new copies of the birth certificate. See our registration charges for costs.

We're able to make simple corrections such as:

  • place of birth of mother
  • occupation of either parent
  • spelling errors

In these cases you'll need to fill in an application for correction and contact us to make an appointment.

If you want to correct the name of a child or parent we'll need to send your application to the General Register Office. 

If you want to buy any new full birth certificates they'll show the correction and the date in the margin. 

You can't apply for a correction to show new information, or if your circumstances have changed; for example, if you've remarried and changed your name.