Registration charges

How to pay

You can pay in advance for any certificates or book an appointment online to:

Our charges

We don't charge for registering a birth or death, but you'll need to pay for any certificates you want.  

Copy and full certificates - birth, death and marriage/civil partnership

Certificate Cost
Full certificate at the time of registration £11
Copy certificate - standard service (certificate ready five working days after payment made) £11
Copy certificate - priority service (certificate ready same/next working day after payment made)
Extra copies ordered at the same time cost £11 per copy

A postage fee may also be applicable - see 'miscellaneous fees' below for details.

Marriage/civil partnerships (all ceremony fees include one certificate)

Item Cost
Provisional booking fee (non refundable) £30
Notice fee (per person - to be paid to the registrar service in the district where the person lives) £35
The register office ceremony room  £57
The ceremony suite (Monday to Thursday)  £134
The ceremony suite (Friday)  £157
The ceremony suite (Saturday)  £188
Approved premises (Monday to Thursday) £344
Approved premises (Friday) £440
Approved premises (Saturday) £492
Approved premises (Sunday) £500
Approved premises (bank holiday) £500
Marriage ceremony religious buildings - registrar in attendance  £97
Ceremony amendment fee £25

 Naming/renewal of vows ceremonies

Fee Cost
Provisional booking fee                                                                                                  £30
Ceremony fee £170

Miscellaneous fees 

Fee Cost
Postage fee (within UK - Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class) £2.50
Postage fee (overseas by airmail) £6.50
Reduction of 28 day notice of marriage period £60
Correction to birth, death or stillbirth registration  £75 (simple correction)
£90 (complex change)
Changing child's forenames - birth registration (within 12 months of registration)  £40
Divorce document issued outside of England and Wales £50/£75
Letter to confirm no record of marriage/civil partnership in England or Wales (10 year search) £50 per 10 year search
General search fee £18

Ceremony premises licences

Item Cost
Approved premises ceremony licence or renewal, including up to three rooms
Any additional room(s) will be charged at £50 per room
Additional rooms £50 per room
Building registration fee (worship) £29
Building registration fee (marriage) £123

If you need more information on births, deaths or marriages, you can contact us