Registration charges

How to pay

You can pay registration fees by debit or credit card.

You can choose to pay in advance for any certificates you need when you book an appointment online to:

If you want to pay by another method please check other ways you can pay.

What we charge

(We don't charge for registering a birth or death but you'll need to pay for any certificates that you want).  

Copy and full certificates - birth, death and marriage

Certificate Cost
Full certificate at the time of registration £4
Copy certificate - priority application from open register or archived records - same day service £21
Copy certificate - records from an open register - certificate ready within five days after receipt of application £7
Copy certificate from archived records - certificate ready within five days after receipt of application £10

Marriage/civil partnerships (all ceremony fees include one certificate)

Item Cost
Provisional booking fee (non refundable) £26
Notice fee (per person - to be paid to the registrar service in the district where the person lives) £35
The register office ceremony room £50
The ceremony suite (Monday to Thursday) £116
The ceremony suite (Friday) £138
The ceremony suite (Saturday) £165
Approved premises (Monday to Thursday) £310
Approved premises (Friday) £349
Approved premises (Saturday) £444
Approved premises (Sunday) £452
Approved premises (bank holidays) £452
Marriage ceremony religious buildings - registrar in attendance (including one certificate) £90

 Naming/renewal of vows ceremonies

Fee Cost
Provisional booking fee                                                                                                  £26
Ceremony fee £165

Miscellaneous fees 

Fee Cost
Reduction of 28 day notice of marriage period                                                                                               £60.00
Correction to birth, death or stillbirth registration  £75/£90
Changing child's forenames - birth registration (within 12 months of registration)  £40
Divorce document issued outside of England and Wales £50/£75
Letter to confirm no record of marriage/civil partnership in England or Wales.  10 year search £50 per 10 year search

Ceremony premises licences

Item Cost
General search fee £18
Priority postage fee £1
Approved premises ceremony licence or renewal £1,379
Building registration fee (worship) £29
Building registration fee (marriage) £123