Workplace health champions

Workplace health champions are members of staff who promote health and wellbeing within their business. They work closely with management, HR, and employees to develop health and wellbeing events.

Find out more about the role of the workplace health champion.

The workplace health champion is a voluntary role.

They would be someone in the workplace who:

  • has an interest in health and wellbeing
  • is approachable and helpful
  • has a basic understanding of healthy lifestyles

As part of their health and wellbeing programme, many employers have workplace health champions in place. The leaflet which is downloadable gives advice on the role. You can use this when advertising for workplace health champions within your business.

The workplace champions responsibilities

What are workplace health champions?

Workplace health champions are members of staff who promote health and wellbeing within the business. They work closely with management, HR and employees.  They develop health and wellbeing events utilising skills, interests and passions of staff. The workplace health champion is a voluntary role. A workplace health champion is someone in the workplace who would have an interest in health and wellbeing. They'd be helpful and have a basic knowledge of healthy lifestyles.

What will a health and wellbeing champion do?

A workplace health champion will:

  • Spot areas of change in the physical workspace and engage with line managers to develop solutions
  • Offer sign posting to services where colleagues could get advice and support to improve lifestyle issues.
  • Engage external speakers to come into the business to hold workshops on health and wellbeing of staff.
  • Promote national health and wellbeing events throughout the business. Putting up promotion posters, giving out leaflets for health campaigns.  Promoting events like Stoptober and Stress Awareness Day.
  • Promote healthy events within your works area for example walking or running groups, stair challenge etc.
  • Promote wellbeing events such as reading groups, cooking, baking groups, arts and crafts.
  • Support managers and HR to promote health and wellbeing events within the workplace.
  • Support staff to take up health and wellbeing options in the workplace
  • Be the point of contact in the team. Help colleague who wants to know and find out more on health and wellbeing events
  • Act as conduit between managers and staff

Training and support

Workplace health champions will be able to attend a days training course offered by us. This training course has been designed for all employees and managers regardless of their training and skills. The training will cover the background to health and behaviour change.  As well as the practical task of supporting staff and action planning to take the work forward.

How much time does the health champion role require?

Staff should allow paid time for workplace health champions to undertake their role: 

  • Attend the training course (one day).
  • Attend meetings with managers staff to develop and plan ideas for the workplace.
  • Support and run events.
  • Attend quarterly local network meetings with others where ideas can be shared and learning can be taken forward. Workplace health champions should let their manager know when they are undertaking work connected with the champion role.

How long is the health champion role for?

As long as a health champion would like, there is no time limit. From time to time the employer may check if the health champion wants to continue.

What happens if a health champion no longer wants to be in the role?

It's fine if you decide to no longer be a champion. You just needs to let the employer know.

Health champion training

Calling all businesses in Barnsley that have achieved the Be Well @ Work award.  You're invited to send your health champions on our free health champion training.

We also hold a quarterly health champion network.  This is for health champions across businesses, to share good practice and exchange ideas.