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As designated teacher, you have a statutory responsibility to provide an annual report to governors on outcomes for children in care and previously looked after children. 

What the report should do

  • Set out and explain the progress and attainment of all children in care in the school community. This will include children placed by other local councils, as well as children in the care of Barnsley Council.
  • Include specific reference to those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and how those needs are being met through school SEND provision and education, health and care plans.
  • Illustrate the in-school gap in attainment between children in care and their peers.
  • Benchmark the progress of children in care against national levels for all children and outcomes for children in care.
  • Set out and compare attendance and exclusion levels of children in care with other groups and all children against both national and in-school comparisons.
  • Make note of whether any children in care are identified as gifted and talented, and demonstrate how those needs are being met.
  • Demonstrate how the teaching and learning needs of children in care are reflected in school development plans and are being met in relation to interventions and use of resources.
  • Highlight the impact of any of the school’s policies on children in care, for example educational visits and extended school activities.
  • Set out how improvements are measured and reported.
  • Describe how the school works with the Barnsley Virtual School and it's equivalent in other authorities.
  • Outline the training undertaken by the designated teacher during the year, including how this professional learning has been disseminated and it's impact.

In addition, you should provide the governing body with a report on the amount of pupil premium plus funding received and clear evidence of it's use, including the impact on accelerating the progress of children in care.

This may be included as part of the annual report, or the governing body may wish to consider this in line with their calendar of financial oversight.

It's important that governors are given the quality of information required to fulfil their role as critical friend and offer both meaningful challenge and support to the school in pursuing stronger outcomes for children in care.  

At the same time, it's also important to ensure that the report respects the confidential nature of a child’s 'looked after' status and is written in such a way that the identity of the child in care is protected.

If you have any questions or need some help to complete the annual report, please contact the Virtual School.

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