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As designated teacher, your role is to provide strong leadership that promotes the educational outcomes of children in care and previously looked after children.

What you should do

  • Promote a culture of high expectation and aspiration.
  • Champion the needs of children in care in all aspects of school life.
  • Model strong, inclusive practice.
  • Be a source of advice and support for staff on meeting the needs of children in care.
  • Take lead responsibly in school for the development and oversight of each child’s Termly Personal Education Plan (TPEP). Make sure quality assurance standards, including deadlines for submission, are consistently met.
  • Ensure each child has a voice in their learning plans and is represented in wider focus groups across the school.
  • Be the school's central point of contact for other key professionals and external agencies involved.
  • Ensure there are agreed protocols in place for communication with other key professionals.
  • Build strong, supportive, reciprocal relationships with carers and birth parents (where appropriate) to support educational engagement.

In addition, you're required to report annually to the governing body of the school on the outcomes for children in care and previously looked after children.

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