Barnsley Virtual School

Designated Teacher Network

Our Designated Teacher Network meets termly to share good practice.

It's a cross phase network led by the Virtual School. It acts as a united group of school professionals. They champion the outcomes for children in care.

The group works together and strives towards constant improvement.

From time to time, representative best practice groups are formed from the network. Their aim is to drive new initiatives. In this way, all schools have a strong voice in Barnsley Virtual School developments.

To book a place

If you'd like to book a place, log into the POD.

Attending the designated teacher networks will make sure you meet the legislative duty placed on schools. They're required to secure regular and appropriate training.

It's recommended that all schools send a representative to the events. This applies even if they don’t currently have any children in care on roll. This makes sure that all schools are kept up-to-date with current legislation and our protocols. In this way, every school is prepared should a member of their school community be admitted to care, or they're requested to admit a child in care.

The network welcomes designated teachers from schools in neighbouring authorities that have children on role who are in our care.

The Virtual School will also provide bespoke training for schools on request.


Support for individual schools

When a child is brought into care and placed on role at a school out of authority, or a school that's not previously had children in care on roll, the Virtual School Head will arrange to visit the school. They'll familiarise the designated teacher with our procedures.

This will include training on the Termly Personal Education Plan(TPEP) system. They will also be informed of our quality assurance processes. This visit gives the school the chance to discuss the individual needs of the child. This can help them decide how to use the pupil premium funding.

Designated teacher conference

Every other year, we hold a multi-agency conference event. It focuses on the educational needs of children in care.

High quality national speakers are invited.

To book a place, log into the POD.

Online and face-to-face training programmes

You can take a look at the courses available from AC Education. They help all those working with vulnerable children in the UK.

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