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Research shows that children in care fulfil their potential when everyone involved in meeting their needs works together to promote positive outcomes.

The advice in this section will help you fulfil your role. As lead professionals, it will help you bring together all those involved in the child's plan. this will make sure they achieve to the best of their ability.

We've included advice on applying for a school place and information about your role in the personal education planning process. We've also included links to legal guidance that underpins this process. 

You'll also find advice about how the Virtual School can support you in fulfilling this key role.

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Applying for a school place for a child in care

How to find school placements and maintain stability for looked after children.

School places

The role of the social worker in the PEP process

What the guidance says about your role and step by step guides to support you.

The role of social workers

Support for social workers

What we can do to help you carry out your role, and support your professional career.

Support for social workers

Advice and guidance from DfE

Statutory advice and guidance from the Department for Education (DfE).

Advice from DfE

Virtual School

Supporting the education of our children in care.

Find out more about out virtual school

Family service directory(FSD)

Giving families easy access to service information.


Find out more about Barnsley FSD

Children in care

Find out what happens when children are taken into care, how we place them, and how we support their health, care and education.

Children in care


Check out our fostering site for information about different types of fostering, the steps to becoming a foster carer, training, support and more.



Check out our adoption site for information about adoption, the legal process of finding new families for children whose birth parents can no longer care for them.



Find out how we work alongside lots of different organisations. We make sure children, young people and adults with care and support needs in Barnsley are protected from harm or neglect.

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