Children in care

When you come into care, we'll do everything we can to make sure you're happy and healthy. We'll look after you like any good parent looks after their own child.

We have high aspirations for all our children in care and we want you to have high aspirations for yourself.  We'll give you the support you need to be the best you can and achieve everything you want to.

The services that support you as you're growing up in care will work together to make sure that you're given exactly the same opportunities as others your age.

The pledge we've made to you helps us to measure how good or bad the services are that we provide to you.

To talk to us about the Barnsley Pledge

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Giving you a normal life

Being in care can be very different to living at home. We know that children and young people who come into care can find it scary or difficult.

We'll do our best to make sure that while you're in care, you're happy and able to have as normal a life as your friends who aren't in care.

Listening to you

We know that sometimes we might get things wrong, but we're always looking to do things better so that you're happy with your care.

We'll listen to you and always try to involve you in decisions about your care because what you think is important to us.

Our promises

We believe you're entitled to high quality care while we're looking after you, and the right advice and support as you prepare for, and move on to, living independently.

To make sure you get this, we've made a pledge to you, which includes six promises.

These are the promises we've made

Your home

We'll look after you in a safe and caring home.

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Your identity

We'll promote, support and respect your identity.

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Your education

We'll ensure you receive a good education.

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Your health

We'll support you to be healthy.

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Your future

We'll prepare you for the future.

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Your involvement

We'll involve you in making it happen.

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