Domestic homicide review (DHR)

A DHR looks at the circumstances of a person’s death and the lessons that need to be learnt from it.

The purpose of a DHR is not to apportion blame. It occurs when the death of a person aged 16 or over has, or appears to have, resulted from violence, abuse or neglect. This could be by the following people:

  • A person to whom they were related or with whom they were or had been in an intimate personal relationship.
  • A member of the same household, held with a view to identifying the lessons to be learnt from the death.

Responsibility for a DHR

The duty to undertake DHRs was carried out by the Home Office through statutory guidance in April 2011. Find out more about DHRs on GOV.UK.

The Safer Barnsley Partnership is in charge of carrying out DHRs in Barnsley. You can read process for requesting a DHR

DHR reports

Once a DHR is approved by the Home Office quality assurance group, a final report will be published. Any DHRs conducted by the Safer Barnsley Partnership will be published here.